Relief of the Palatino in Rome

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Palatino Roma Italia

Assignment name: relief of the Palatino Customer: Soprintendenza Speciale per il Colosseo e l’area archeologica di Roma .
Country: Italia, Roma Duration: 20 days
Start date (month/year):  gennaio 2017 Completation date(mont/year):  gennaio 2017
Narrative description pf project:
During the redevelopment project of the top floor of the Palatine building, a survey of the building and the surrounding context was created.
The work was carried out by completing the following stages:
  • Framing topographical footprint of the building;
  • Main polygonal planted along the perimeter of the area subject to the survey. Measurement of support points for images. All performed with a total station with 1 ”sexagesimal precision;
  • Rilievo celerimetrico dei punti caratteristici dell’immobile;
  • Celerimetric survey of the characteristic points of the property;
  • Photographic documentation;
  • Production of orthophotos of the external facades by means of control points measured with the total station.
  • Point cloud generation for the definition of the most interesting architectural elements;
  • Production of the 3D model and 2D technical drawings in DWG.
Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:
  • All the activities necessary for the production of the 3d model and technical tables.