Territorial Services

We are able to carry out all the territorial reconnaissance services; census, survey, cartography; with the tools that ensure the best result. We organize the data in a structured way, according to the customer's needs, optimizing the management of these.

GISDOC- Our open source framework for land management.

GISDOC - Our open source framework for managing the elements that can be represented on the map...

Archaeological heritage and monuments

The surveys, in the field of cultural heritage....

Manage territory

We support customers in all the phases that serve to build a territory management system....

Facility Management

The surveys, the census and everything else needed to create a property management system...

Drone service

Drones allow you to acquire information from the territory quickly and accurately at low costs....

IT Services

In addition to providing hardware required by network devices to computers and servers provide solutions, our solutions, mostly based on Open Source software, allow us to keep costs low without compromising the quality of services and IT security. We cover most of the IT sectors that a company needs. the design of the network structure, its security in the LAN and WAN environment, and the assistance the customer needs for work optimization even in smart working.

Document Management System

We install and customize Alfresco, according to the customer's needs, facilitating the storage and exchange of documents, with procedures that streamline the work flow...


From domain registration to the management of an advanced mail server using reliable and low cost Open Source software. Email is today a strategic element of bussiness; users are more productive if they have a good e-...


We can build your private cloud; hosted or not at our facility; our solution is economical and solid practice, based on an Open Source software of proven reliability. ...


A customer management system that allows you to follow all the phases of the relationships with them, taking care of the various aspects during the relationship. Risviel is able to install, customize the system, accor...


Take a moment to see some of our latest works.

Work 1
3d model of old city of Mosul...
Work 1
ROMA150 - A participatory portal for knowledge of the capital(1870-2020)...
Work 1
WebGis and DMS for the reconstruction of the old city of Mosul....
Work 1
Relief of the Palatine Museum with classical instruments....
Work 1
WebGis and DMS for the management of the citadel of Erbil...
Work 1
Benchmark determination in Duhok province (Iraq)...
Work 1
Relief of the Ayoub Aga House in the Erbil Citadel...
Work 1
WebGis to support the design of lrt for the city of Erbil (Iraq)...
Work 1
WebGis to support the design of the Duhok LRT (Iraq)...
Work 1
Realtime 3d for the redevelopment of the Qualat park in Erbil...
Work 1
Aerophotogrammetry of Pomigliano D'Arco (Naples)...
Work 1
WebGis for the representation of the Priverno color plane...

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  • 29 Novembre 2022 15.00-17.30
    ROMA 150 Un portale partecipato per la conoscenza della capitale
  • 25-27 Novembre 2020 8.30-18.00
    Fiera Internazionale sui musei, i luoghi e le destinazioni culturali
  • 16-18 Maggio 2018 8.30-18.00
    VI edizione del salone dell'arte e del restauro di Firenze

    Villa Vittoria Piazza Adua,1 Firenze

  • 14-15 Dicembre 2017 8.30-18.00
    Ottavo Convegno Internazionale Diagnosi, Conservazione e Valorizzazione del Patrimonio Culturale

    Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli

  • 18 Marzo 2017 8.30-18.00
    La Valorizzazione del Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli

    Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli

  • 12 Dicembre 2012 8.30-17.00
    III international Workshop "diagnosis for the conservation and valorization of cultural heritage

    NH Ambassador Napoli

  • 15 Novembre 2012 8.00-17.00
    XV Borsa Mediterranea del turismo archeologico

    Centro Espositivo Ariston" Paestum presentazione di "Ricostruzione virtuale della Rashid Aga

  • 12 Aprile 2012 8.00-17.00
    Italian Cultural and Archeological Cooperation in Iraq and University forum

    Gulan Street, Erbil, Iraq